Disk-O: a cloud storage manager

A program with which you can switch between clouds in one click, without having to open your browser. Their contents will not take up space on your computer’s memory

Supports 11 services

Connect any of the services that are available in Disk-O: to your PC

How can I connect?

What can be connected?

BackupsCombining clouds
Work with clouds, just like with folders, in a convenient interface and more quickly than doing so in your browser. The app’s features are constantly being expanded. Keep an eye out for updates!
Everything in one program
Everything in one program
Disk-O: allows you to connect all of the most popular cloud storage platforms and work with them in a single interface. Forget about separate apps.
Work offline
Work offline
Choose the files that you always want to be able to access and work with them without having to connect to the internet. Files are updated automatically when a network becomes available.
Copying links to a file
Copying links to a file
Disk-O: allows you to receive a direct link to a file on the cloud. The document will only be accessible to people to whom you send the generated link.
Save time
Save time
Work with all of your cloud storage without having to open a browser and switch between them in one click.
Files do not take up space on your device
Files do not take up space on your device
Using Disk-O: you can upload as many files as the volume of the clouds allows, without taking up space on your computer’s memory.
Work with clouds, just like with folders
Work with clouds, just like with folders
Work with cloud storage just as simply as with the files on your computer. They will appear in your list of devices.
How it works
to your computer
Connect your cloud storage to the app
Uploading files to the cloud is faster with Disk-O than a traditional browser.
With the Mail.ru Cloud (only one account) in Disk-O:, there are no limits on the number of uploads, whereas other services only allow you to add a maximum of 10 files per day. Removing this limit comes as part of a subscription
For business
Number of devices
Removing file upload restrictions
10 or more devices
24/7 support
SSL data protection
Backup copies to any cloud
Google Drive
Amazon S3
Cloud Mail.ru
VK WorkDisk
$ / year
We aim to make it as simple and straightforward to use. If you have a question, you may find the answer in the relevant section or ask our
What kind of files does Disk-O: work with?
Disk-O: supports working with all types of files, for which you have software installed on your device. You can create, open, and edit files on your computer, and, thanks to the synchronization feature, all of your changes will be saved to your clouds. The only exceptions are files that have special symbols in their filenames. It will not be possible to open these in Disk-O:. Bear this in mind when coming up with names for your files.
How can I synchronize my files?
How can I access my files after connecting to a cloud?
In what programs can I work with files from my clouds?
How quickly after connecting to a virtual drive do my files become accessible?