Connect OneDrive to Disk-O: and start sharing files

Log in to your OneDrive account, to start working with files from storage.
With Disk-O: all actions with Microsoft OneDrive will be twice as fast as in the browser.
You can work will files offline and, as soon as an internet connection is established, they will automatically be updated
Files from your OneDrive account will instantly synchronize with files in the browser
There is no need to download the OneDrive application on your device. Simply download Disk-O: for MacOS or Windows
OneDrive is a cloud storage platform created by Microsoft. The Cloud supports Office Online, which allows users to upload, create and edit Microsoft Office files, as well as share them in a browser using a sharing setting. It is also possible to upload photos and videos to the Cloud. The service provides users with up to 5 GB of free storage.
How to add OneDrive to Disk-O:
Click the "Add disk" button in the Disk-O: app
Choose OneDrive cloud from the list of services
Enter your username and password to log in to your OneDrive account
Once synchronization is complete a new disk will appear on your computer where files will be saved from your cloud. Everything is ready for you to work with!

Supports 13 services

With Disk-O: you can use multiple accounts for OneDrive and other cloud storage providers.

What can be connected?

The Disk-O: app
is available for MacOS and Windows
It allows you to connect all available cloud services for free. What’s more, you can download an unlimited number of files from the cloud and other cloud storage platforms (including OneDrive) up to 10 times per day.
You can also try a free version of Disk-O: without download restrictions for 7 days.
With the Cloud (only one account) in Disk-O:, there are no limits on the number of uploads, whereas other services only allow you to add a maximum of 10 files per day. Removing this limit comes as part of a subscription
For business
Number of devices
Removing file upload restrictions
10 or more devices
24/7 support
SSL data protection
Backup copies to any cloud
Google Drive
Amazon S3
VK WorkDisk
$ / year