File protection on Disk-O:

Create copies of folders from your computer on any of the clouds to prevent them from being lost. You can easily recover your data if something untoward happens to your device.

Supports 11 services

You can connect one of 11 cloud services to Disk-O: and save backup copies to any of them.

How can I connect?

What can be connected?

Features Disk-O:
Work with clouds, just like with folders, in a convenient interface and more quickly than doing so in your browser. The app’s features are constantly being expanded. Keep an eye out for updates!
Selecting folders and clouds
Selecting folders and clouds
Which files to protect and where to save them is entirely up to you. Disk-O: won't take up space on your clouds with backup copies that you don't need.
Access from any device
Access from any device
Your computer's not the only device you can use to browse your files. Backup copies are saved onto your clouds, so you'll have access to them from any device.
Regular updates
Regular updates
All the folders of which you have backups are synchronized. That means that the clouds will always have the up-to-date versions on them.
Data recovery
Data recovery
It only takes a few minutes to recover your files and folders from a cloud onto your computer. This allows your folders to be restored to the exact locations where they were stored previously.
Backup a flash drive
Backup a flash drive
Data from the flash drive won't be lost. It will be stored on the cloud and updated every time you plug the flash drive in.
Backup protection
Backup protection
All backups are secured with SSL. No one can access your files without your knowledge.
How can I activate file protection?
Click on the "Protect files" button when you first launch Disk-O: or select the "Create a backup" item if you're already using the software.
Come up with a name for the backup and select the folders you want to create copies of.
Specify the cloud service where you want to save the backup copy and log in to it.
How can I recover my files?
Click on "I already have backups" when you first launch Disk-O:, or select the "Recover data from a copy" item if you are already using the software.
Specify the cloud service where the backup copy is stored and log in to it.
Mark the folders that you need to recover and click on "Configure" to select where they will be saved to on your computer.
You can only backup to Cloud (1 account). This restriction is removed for subscribers.
For business
Number of devices
Removing file upload restrictions
10 or more devices
24/7 support
SSL data protection
Backup copies to any cloud
Google Drive
Amazon S3
VK WorkDisk
$ / year
How frequently are backup copies updated on Disk-O:?
This happens automatically in real time. Disk-O: monitors any changes to the folders of which backup copies have been created.
What will happen if I delete a file from a folder of which I have a backup copy?
Can I create backups of all the folders on my computer?
A cloud storage manager
The ability to switch between clouds in one click, without opening your browser.