What are backups on Disk-O:?
This is an up-to-date copy of everything in selected folders on your PC that is saved on any of the listed cloud services:
  1. 1. Cloud
  2. 2. Yandex.Disk
  3. 3. Google Drive
  4. 4. Dropbox
  5. 5. OneDrive
  6. 6. VK WorkDisk
  7. 7. S3 from MCS
  8. 8. Box
  9. 9. pCloud
  10. 10. WebDAV
  11. 11. Amazon S3
  12. 12. Any S3 storage
How does Disk-O ensure that backups are up to date?
Disk-O monitors any changes to files in the folders specified for backup. This happens automatically, without a schedule, almost in real time.
But be sure to not remove Disk-O from the list of programs that are automatically started with the OS. Otherwise, the application will not be able to ensure that your data stays up to date in the cloud service.
How do I create backups?
After starting Disk-O, click the "Protect files" button.
If you already have connected backups, then use the "Protect data" item in the corresponding tab.
Indicate which folders should be backed up and provide a name for your backup.
Indicate the cloud service where the backup will be saved. Sign in to it.
If there is enough space to create a backup, Disk-O will automatically create a backup on the specified cloud service and will keep it up to date.
How do I restore backups to my computer?
If you just installed Disk-O, then use the "I already have a backup in the cloud" link.
If you are already using Disk-O, then click on the "Restore data from backup" link.
Indicate the cloud service where the backup is saved. Sign in to it.
Confirm the location where you want to restore the backup or specify a new location.
Versioning of backups
To save space in cloud services, Disk-O does not create multiple versions of files in the backup.
However, most cloud services support versioning. For more information, refer to your cloud service's help documentation.
How do I find backups in my cloud service?
Backups are saved in /Backups/name_of_backup.
What happens if I change one of the files that is backed up on a cloud service?
Disk-O will automatically update the file according to what is on your computer.
What happens if I delete a file in the folders that are backed up?
Disk-O will ask if the file should also be deleted from the backup on the cloud service or leave it there. You can tell Disk-O to remember your choice and then it will not ask you again in the future.