There is two-way synchronization between a cloud and Disk-O:. If you delete a file from a cloud in the web-based version, the file is also deleted from the folder on your computer, and vice versa. The same is true for uploading, new folders, and other actions.
Temporary files
When you copy files on to a drive created by the Disk-O: app, they are first downloaded into a temporary folder on the system hard drive. While synchronization with the cloud service is in progress, the files are held in a temporary folder, and after the download has been completed, these files are deleted.
To find out how to change the location for saving data, please see the section entitled “Location of app data”.
Synchronization speed
The speed of synchronization is different for various cloud services. It is limited by the services themselves. Therefore, the time taken to upload one and the same file to different cloud-based storage platforms can vary.
Access without an internet connection
You can set up the ability to work with files and folders offline. These files will be accessible via Disk-O: even when there is no internet connection. For more details regarding working offline, please see the article entitled “Application settings”. To find out how to change the location for saving data, please see the section entitled “Location of app data”.
Icon descriptions
When the app icon in the task bar is rotating, that indicates that files are being synchronized. When the icon turns white and ceases to rotate, the files have been synchronized. Do not switch off your internet connection or computer until the synchronization has been completed, otherwise, some files may not be fully uploaded to the cloud service.
Files synchronized
Synchronization interrupted
Synchronization error — the files are not synchronized. The files probably have special symbols in their names or they are too long.
Network error — no internet
Maximum length of a folder name
255 UTF-8 symbols
Maximum length of a file name
255 UTF-8 symbols
Maximum length of the file path (including the folder path and file name)
1024 bytes
Symbols for naming folders and files
Any unicode UTF-8 symbols, except "*/:<>?\|\0
In addition, files with names that end in a period or space will not be synchronized.