Application settings

To go to the application preferences, click the «Preferences» button.
Application autostart
Tick the box to make Disk-O: start up when the computer is switched on.
When autostart is switched on, files will be synchronized while you are performing other tasks on the computer. When you need to work with a cloud, the files will already have been synchronized.
Remember files
Select the checkbox to have Disk-O: remember your most frequently used files and save them on your computer. This means your most important files will be available even when you have no Internet connection.
To designate the files for quick access, click on “Change”.
In the «Space for file storage» section, move the slider to the left or right to decrease or increase the amount of space available for storing files.
To find out how to change the location for saving data, please see the next section, entitled “Location of app data”.
Location of app data
By default, Disk-O: saves its data onto the system hard drive. In order to change the drive and folder where the app stores its data, go to the “Files for quick access” section and click on “Change”.
Then click on “Configure path for file storage on the PC” and select a new folder.
Disk-O: will store service-based data in this folder. Do not alter or delete this, or the app may experience errors.
Synchronize folders
Select the files and folders on the cloud that are to be made accessible without the internet. By using this, working with your files will be much quicker since they will be stored on the computer.
In order to change the folders and files that can be accessed without the internet, click on “Select”.
Tick the checkboxes of the required folders and files. In order to configure synchronization for another cloud, click on the name of the current one and then choose the one you need from the list. To save your changes, click “Close window”.